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Personal Training


One on One Personal Training

Highly professional and experienced, our trainers will help you change your body, your lifestyle and ultimately your life! After meeting with you and learning what is important to you, your trainer will design a program that is tailored to your needs. You will learn exercises that will build strength, learn correct form to reduce injuries and pain, improve posture, core strength, and learn what to eat to feel energized. All of this will create new lifestyle habits that will provide a platform for you to come alive! To book a free consultation please contact owner Annika Beech: or call the studio at (226) 647-7747.


Group Personal Training (2-3 people)

Workout with your partner, friends, relatives or co-workers. Group training gives you the best of both worlds - cost effective and fun yet with personal attention from yur trainer to your own needs. Our private studio space is the perfect space for you and your partner to get motivated to reach your fitness goals!


Team Training

Let Come Alive Fitness be your team's destination for dry-land training. We will provide sport specific training designed to improve cardiovascular conditioning, core strength, agility, speed, and power. We aim to give your team the edge it needs in developing players to become fit, strong and well balanced athletes. Effective dry-land training is an important tool to address a prevent injuries in young payers. For more information please contact


Golf Conditioning

Golf specific conditioning will improve overall strength, flexibility, mobility, stability and posture. Your Titleist Certified Golf Conditioning Trainer will assess your individual needs as it relates to your golf swing – with specific focus on weaknesses and imbalances and then design a program specifically for you. Use the off-season to address aches and pains, improve core strength, hip stability and range of motion in your swing. A must for a more consistent swing and for the longevity of your game. For more information please contact


Fitness Classes


This class is a great mix of cardio, strength and core training. You move through stations that will give you a high energy, challenging workout with lots of options to adapt it to your own needs and abilities. This is what we all need but don't do on own own. This class will give you results!


Spin & Core

Bring your own bike or book one of our spin bikes for an amazing interval based bike workout, finishing with 10 minutes of core strength and a great stretch. Our classes are great for everyone and can be tailored to all abilities but are designed specifically to increase cardio endurance. You will get a great workout, burn lots of calories to help you get fit and feel energized!



This unique class with owner Annika Beech gives you a great challenging bike workout, followed by cycling specific yoga poses designed to release tight hips, lower back and hamstrings. Come experience the latest buzz - get fit and flexible all at once!


Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow, or Vinyasa Yoga, is a moving yoga practice. It will give your body strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. It will help your mind release stress, anxiety and fears. It will leave you feeling energized, balanced and relaxed. It will make you come alive!


Hatha Yoga

A wonderful form of yoga that improves flexibility, helps you de-stress and heal what hurts. It will lead you to the vital core, the spine, from which strength grows into lightness. From a place of being anchored and rested into the ground, awareness develops and you will discover movement in a whole, harmonious way. Hatha yoga brings vitality to your body and your life.


Pilates / Yoga Combo

This class fuses yoga and pilates to give you the best of both worlds. Pilates will strengthen your core, lower back, hips and realign your body. Yoga will increase flexibility, release tight muscles, tensions and stress. Spend the last 5 minutes in final relaxation to completely unwind your body and mind.




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